Nice to meet you! Let us introduce ourselves.

We at Caleb Hayes Enterprises (CHE) are relentless stewards, continuously striving to care for and grow all investments we make, whether that is a real estate asset, a business, or most importantly: our people.

We’ve been called to serve and we do so through the power of real estate. At CHE, we firmly believe that when we are right with our faith and our family (these two come first), only then, can we be right with our business.

And as we are receiving these blessings (through God, Family, and Real Estate), it is our duty to serve others.  As an organization, we invest much of our time and profits in ways that serve others and bring people closer to Christ.

Our Core Pillars

Caleb Hayes Enterprises is the connector between multiple interdependent businesses. Each of these fit into three divisions which we refer to as our “core pillars”. These are Keller Williams Brokerages, Real Estate Investing, and Caliber Title. Our associates have a thorough understanding of the Real Estate Industry and its accompanying pieces. And because of that, we are able to diversify ourselves, our investments and help our associates and clients diversify their businesses. These interdependent pieces are how Caleb Hayes Enterprises was built and it is what makes us strong.

KW Brokerages

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From the fastest-growing real estate brokerage in Wisconsin to 6 Brokerage offices with 8 satellite locations across 4 states. We provide unprecedented support to help our agents succeed.

Real Estate Investing

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Over $29.5 million in commercial and residential real estate. We are forward-thinking stewards of long-life investments.

Caliber Title

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We desire to be the real estate company of choice which is why we have started our own Title Company, Caliber Title, to assist our Realtors in providing a top notch experience for their clients.