We Do Real Estate.

Real estate is what we know. It’s our tried and true vehicle for building wealth and serving others. And we are crusaders for building the real estate company of choice for our agents, tenants, and business partners. 


We are entrepreneurs, investors and wisdom-seekers. Hard workers, lifetime learners and unlimited thinkers. Guided by our values—God, family, real estate and serving others. That’s how we’ve grown from a single house flip to one of the largest and fastest-growing real estate brokerages in the region, a successful real estate investment firm, and trusted asset managers with a solid track record of building wealth. We believe in results. And we’ve built the team to get them.


Our values of God, family, real estate, and serving others aren’t just words on our office walls; we put them into action. They are the driving force behind the big, lofty goal to give away $1 Million every year in support of causes that bring people closer to Christ.

Getting there takes grit and determination. It requires unique, innovative, relentless, and results-oriented individuals who are energized by big goals and have a heart for serving others. If this sounds like you, you belong in our Talent Network. As some of the world’s best leaders always say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”. We’re in it for the long run! And we’re continually pushing and supporting each other to go fast, too.

The History of Caleb Hayes Enterprises

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At a young age, Caleb Hayes felt the impact of debt and wanted his story to be different. His passion for real estate was sparked when his father brought home a book called How We Made a Million Dollars Recycling Great Old Houses. Caleb was so enthralled with the opportunities he saw in real estate that as just a sophomore in high school he made it his goal to buy his first house to flip. His dad convinced him to wait. So he did, but not for long.  Caleb visited 7 banks before finally receiving a “yes” from a lender. With that, he was able to purchase his first investment property just a week after graduation. It was the start of a career and a calling that inspires him to this day.

Throughout college, Caleb kept finding and flipping those “great old houses.” He earned his degree in construction management, and after graduation cut his teeth in the fast-paced Chicago construction and real estate market. After 15 months, Caleb moved back north to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where his real estate business really took off. He began selling homes and continued flipping houses, saving, investing and increasing the growth of the business.

Today, Caleb’s umbrella company, Caleb Hayes Enterprises (CHE), is an asset management firm with a core focus on Keller Williams Brokerages, Real Estate Investing, and Private Equity. Companies under the CHE umbrella include Keller Williams Green Bay, Caleb Hayes Real Estate Group, Transfer Title, Hayes University, Boardwalk Properties, Marvin Gardens, and Park Place Holdings.

Caleb Hayes Enterprises is home to more than 400 real estate agents, flips 50+ homes a year, holds 35 rental units and owns over 150,000 square feet of retail and office space (valued at over 12 million dollars).

Caleb uses his own story of rapid growth, his real estate and investing experience, strong values, and philosophy of servant leadership to inspire others. He strongly believes in the power of sharing knowledge and experience to help others unlock their own potential. And working together to help each other achieve true freedom.

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Beth Phillips oversees operations and finance for CHE and provides as executive leadership to Caliber Title. She has more than 25 years of commercial real estate experience and has successfully co-founded and/or led four different CRETech startup companies.

Beth graduated from Illinois State University with a B.S. in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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MASON CLARK - Investment Director


Mason Clark oversees our commercial real estate acquisition strategy at Park Place Holdings, including deal sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, financing, leasing, and site selection. Mason has 8 years of real estate and finance experience. Mason has a diverse financial advising background and a knack for finding great value-add opportunities. Mason has been instrumental in growing Park Place Holdings’ assets by more than 600% over the past 3 years.

Mason holds a BA in Finance and Financial Management Services from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

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