Interviews with our local industry’s top producers

Interviews with our local industry’s top producers

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Interviews with our local industry’s top producers


Welcome to The One Percent real estate community! You, my friend, have made it in with the A-listers! 

From just starting out as an agent, to building MASSIVE teams, our friends are sharing “what to do” and “what NOT to do” while building your business. We invite you to sit in on these fun and educational talks as the professionals you’ve come to know and respect open up and share what it takes.


Episode 8: Stacey Hennessey

With over 10 years of working in real estate, Stacey Hennessey knows the core skills that will always be timeless in real estate and she’s sharing them with us! With a drive and dedication that comes from her upbringing and the structure and values she picked up from her extensive career at Fortune 500 Company, Thrivent Financial, Stacey’s paved her own way to #1.

Episode 7: David Osborn

David Osborn, author of “Wealth Can’t Wait” and “Tribe of Millionaires”, Operating Principal and Investor for several Keller Williams brokerage offices, and serial entrepreneur in real estate investing sat down with our Top 20% to talk about investing and wealth building.

Episode 6: Matt Tranel

In less than 6 years, Matt Tranel built the #1 Team in Wisconsin Rapids, Premier Realty Group, with his brother Nathan Tranel! You’ll learn how Matt’s business has evolved from 100’s of open houses a year to a largely referral-based business, dependent on innovation and great relationships.

Episode 5: Adam Hergenrother

Adam Hergenrother unpacks his journey from a high schooler with little self-worth and ambition to a successful, healthy and happy billion-dollar business owner! Adam Hergenrother’s companies are based out of a small area in Vermont, and yet he has managed to create massive businesses that expand across the nation. In 2019, Real Trends ranked his real estate sales team #4 in the United States. His development & construction company, BlackRock Construction ranked twice on the Inc. 5000, while #1 in Vermont and #1 in construction in the US. Adam also owns a top Keller Williams brokerage in Vermont. He also runs a training organization, a top-ranking podcast (top 20% on Apple Podcasts), and is the co-author of a #1 Best-Selling Book on Amazon, “The Founder and the Force Multiplier”.
On top of all his success, Adam is a people-first leader, who focuses on the development and transformation of the people around him, evident by ranking “Best Place to Work” in Vermont 3 times! 

Episode 4: Charlie Stalle

Charlie Stalle, Team Leader for Keller Williams Milwaukee North Shore shares his lessons in real estate leadership, from rebuilding his staff and helping everyone reach their goals, to making everyone in his almost 200-agent office feel like family. Charlie took a massive financial step backward, by stepping into his leadership role. And through leveraging the Keller Williams models and re-structuring his staff, he was able to leap forward within this new role and open many more doors of opportunity for his staff. He shares advice for people who might be looking to get out of a corporate, salaried position and jump into a sales position.

Episode 3: Ken Zacharias

Who better to ask about taxes than the #1 recommended Real Estate Accountant in Green Bay?
Caleb and his accountant, Ken Zacharias, discuss the common questions Realtors have when it comes to taxes, including:
  • The #1 mistake Realtors make with taxes
  • Filing your own taxes
  • LLC or S Corp
  • Hourly or salary employees
  • When is a 1099 required
  • What’s deductible and how do you keep track
  • What should you know about your fix and flips
  • Ordinary income vs capital gain
  • How to fortify your business for poor economics


Do you roll out the red carpet for your buyers and sellers? Kelly Davies does and she expects her team to do the same! She’s sharing with us the things she learned along the way to scaling her customer experience!

Learn about:

  • How Kelly selects the right people for her team
  • Leadership lessons
  • Scaling the customer experience

Episode 1: Katye Charlier

From Part-Time Agent to Top Producer in less than 4 years. Learn the one thing that put her business into full gear!

Katye Charlier ranks in the top 10% of the Keller Williams North Central Region. She tells how she got there by cultivating great relationships with the people her sphere. And Katye opens up about the limbo phase between working a full-time job and making the leap to a full-time realtor.

Bonus Episode: Daniel Del Real

Daniel is one of my friends and mentors. Here we talk about:

  • Realtor Routines: The morning habits for Real Estate Agents that will set your day up for success
  • The key to balancing life as a realtor
  • The 4 C’s: Commitment, Courage, Capability, and Capacity
  • How and when to outsource or build a team
  • Investing tips
  • Winning buyer and seller scripts
  • and a whole lot more about life, family and real estate!

I took tons of notes from this real estate talk with Daniel Del Real and took a ton of value from this call with him as always.


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